The club participates in a variety of events throughout the year. At the start of the season, from September onwards, we compete in Head races which are long distance time trials where competitors are set off one after another. These races are typically 4-5km, although some are longer, like the Head of the River Races on the Thames. In the spring we move into Regatta season where the races become head to head sprints over shorter distances of 2km or less. The information below outlines the process from racing aspirations through to participation.

Scottish Rowing membership: Before any member of Clydesdale is able to race, they must first take out a Scottish Rowing membership, this is in addition to their club membership. This not only provides our athletes with a Scottish Rowing racing licence (valid for a year from the date of issue) it also provides insurance cover. To apply, please follow the link:

Event Calendar: A list the races that the club will be focussing on is in the club calendar ( In addition, a list of all Scottish rowing events and major British events can be found on the Scottish Rowing Events page ( The News tab can also provide additional useful information.

Entries: If you are interested in racing, please discuss the possibilities with your coach. For each event the squad coaches co-ordinate the entries before submitting them to the club captain. Entries should be received by the captain at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. If you have any questions please speak to your coach or the captain (email:

Entry Fees: Entry fees should be paid for in advance of each event. If any athlete has fees outstanding they will not be eligible to be entered in the next event. Entry fees, either cash or cheques (made payable to “Clydesdale ARC”) should be collected by the squad leaders and given to the Treasurer in a clearly marked envelope. Alternatively to make a payment via bank transfers please contact the Treasurer directly for account details (email:

Our Race Entry Check Sheet can help to ensure you’ve covered each required step for entering any races.

Racing Attire: Club colours must be worn when racing. This takes the form of a club All-in-one (one piece) which is navy with two white stripes up the sides and the club emblem. This can either be worn on its own or with a white long or short-sleeved top underneath depending on weather conditions. Club kit forms are available below and they can also be found in the clubhouse on the wall of the corridor beside the gym door. If you need to order kit for an event please place your order in plenty of time. If the kit you want isn’t in the form, contact the club’s kit suppliers with your request – as they may be able to source this for you.

Information for ordering or borrowing kit can be found here.


Event Locations: The events we attend throughout the year fall into three categories: Home events, Away (short distance) events and Away (long distance) events. Each requires a different level of preparation in advance.

Home Events are based on the Clyde and we boat from the clubhouse as usual.

Away (short distance) Events are based within an hour’s drive of the club. For these events athletes need to attend boat loading as we take our boats out on trailers one or two days in advance. Athletes need to make their own travel arrangements.

Away (long distance) Events generally require athletes to book overnight accommodation and to make their own travel arrangements. Again athletes need to attend boat loading for the boats to be taken on the trailers. In the case of international events we would look to borrow equipment from a host club.

Boat Allocation: The captain will email the coaches the boat allocation for each event in advance. This information will be passed on to allow athletes to practise in their allocated boat and in the case of Away events, to de-rig their boat/s in preparation for loading.

Boat Loading: For all of our Away events, athletes wishing to race must participate in boat loading. In order to make boat loading more efficient we ask that boats are de-rigged the day before. At least half of each crew must be in attendance for boat loading for their boat to go on the trailer. In the case of single entries, if the athlete is unable to attend, they must make arrangements in advance for someone else to load their boat. Loading is usually on the Thursday or Friday evening before an event.

Race Day: Athletes must arrive two hours before their first race to allow time to rig or re-rig their boat if necessary. This applies to both Home and Away events. For regattas athletes must register their crew at least one hour before their race and collect their bow number. For Head races the captain will register the club and collect all of the bow numbers. For some events a £5 deposit will be taken for each bow number, this is refundable upon return.

Boating for a race: Crews must boat in good time to reach the start or timing marker before the cut-off time. In some events like the Scottish Championships, coxes will be required to weigh in before their crew boats, they must have with them their life jacket and Cox box. Please see specific event information for more details. When boating from an unfamiliar location, remember that the gates should point towards the stern of the boat when putting the blades in.

Between Races: At regattas races may not always run to schedule, so it is important to keep an eye on the progress of the races to avoid missing out. Athletes should also bring with them appropriate layers of clothing to put on in between races and ensure they stay hydrated and remember to eat during the day.

Reloading the trailer: After an athlete’s final race they should consult the captain or the printed boat allocation to see if their boat is finished with and can be de-rigged and put back on the trailer. On return to the clubhouse, again at least half of each crew should attend to help re-rig their boats and help put them away.

Race days can be long, but they are great fun and they make all the hard work and training worthwhile.