Scullers Head

The 2017 Clydesdale Head of the River Race for Single Sculls and Double Sculls was held on Saturday 7 October.

The 2017 results are here: Division 1: Singles & Division 2: Doubles

6 October – Update – due to a large tree stuck on Dalmarnock Road Bridge, the Scullers Head will be over the short course.

4 October – Update – the final draw has now been issued –  Scullers Head 2017 final draw

Scullers Head Course (Click to enlarge)

Scullers Head Course
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The Scullers Head is this year in its 50th year! One of the definitive sculling events in Scotland this processional race over the 4km course on the River Clyde, from Dalmarnock to Glasgow Green, sees more than 100 single scullers contend for the honour of “Fastest Sculler” and the Peter Grieve Quaich.

In this Head race your finishing position from one year determines your starting position for the next year. All new entries start at the back of the pack. The fastest sculler from the previous year leads the competitors down the course at 10 second intervals. Competitors vary from novice to those knocking on the door of international competition, who complete the course in about 15 minutes. The first winning time of 1967 still stands as the course record: 13 minutes and 40 seconds as set by George Parsonage.

A rare spectacle to behold as 100 single sculls congregate at the Dalmarnock bend before racing downstream. Competitors jostle for position all the way down the course, seeking advantage at every bend and pushing on when opportunity arises. Local knowledge is an advantage, but no substitute for sheer guts and determination.  In 2007 a second division was added for double sculls only.

Rules of Racing

The regatta will be held under Scottish Rowing rules and will also abide by the Rules of the River. All competitors must make themselves aware of these rules prior to racing.

Crew Invitation and Poster

The 2017 Head of the River Race for Scullers will take place on Saturday 7 October at 12 noon for the single sculls, and 2:30pm for double sculls.

Entries will close at 5pm on Saturday 30 September 2017.

A  Poster is provided, listing the divisions and awards and summarising the event details.

Draw and Information for Competitors

The draw for the 2017 Scullers Head will be available to download from Monday 2 October.

Please also read the Information for competitors.

All participating clubs and competitors are reminded to check their boats for adequate heel restraints and bow balls.


The results of the 2017 Scullers Head are available below:

Historical results follow:

Year Competitor Club Time
1967 G.G.Parsonage Clydesdale 13:40
1968 G.G.Parsonage Clydesdale 15:30
1969 G.G.Parsonage Clydesdale 15:07
1970 G.G.Parsonage Clydesdale 15:28
1971 G.G.Parsonage Clydesdale 15:43
1972 G.G.Parsonage Clydesdale 15:37
1973 G.G.Parsonage Clydesdale 14:46
1974 G.G.Parsonage Clydesdale 17:08
1975 G.G.Parsonage Clydesdale 14:56
1976 T.M. Leatherland Clydesdale 15:03
1977 G.G.Parsonage Clydesdale 16:32
1978 A. Snyder Glasgow Argonauts 15:58
1979 A. Snyder Glasgow Argonauts 14:09
1980 A. Snyder Glasgow Argonauts 15:58
1981 A. Snyder Glasgow Argonauts 15:22
1982 W.Brown Stirling 14:20
1983 W.Brown Stirling 13:57
1984 W.Brown Stirling 15:28
1985 W.Brown Stirling 15:01
1986 D. Nolan Clydesdale 15:44
1987 D. Nolan Clydesdale 15:16
1988 W.Brown Stirling 14:58
1989 M. Holmes Castle Semple 14:31
1990 M. Holmes Castle Semple 15:00
1991 P. Haining Loch Lomond 14:12
1992 P. Haining Loch Lomond 14:46
1993 P. Haining Loch Lomond 14:45
1994 P. Haining Loch Lomond 14:01
1995 * P. Haining Loch Lomond 13:08
1996 P. Haining Loch Lomond 13:57
1997 M. Holmes Castle Semple 14:41
1998 M. Holmes Castle Semple 14:21
1999 R. Warnock Glasgow 15:11
2000 K. Plank Stirling 15:08
2001 K. Plank Stirling 14:47
2002 C.Logan George Watson’s 14:31
2003 A. Warnock Glasgow 16:02
2004 C.Logan Glasgow University 15:32
2005 C.Logan Glasgow University 15:13
2006** J. Logan Clyde 08:50
2007 J. Logan Clyde 14:59
2008 A. McConnell Clydesdale 14:56
2009 Sam Scrimgeour Glasgow 15:50
2010 J. Logan Glasgow 14:25
2011 (1x 2x) G. Murty Glasgow 15:02
2012 (1x 2x) K. Brown Edinburgh University 15:03
2013 (1x 2x) K. Brown Edinburgh University 14:38
2014 (1x 2x) G. Horsburgh Glasgow Schools 14:39
2015 Not held ***
2016 D. Allison Clydesdale 15:14
* 1995 – Race held at Strathclyde Park
** 2006 – Shortened course on the Clyde
*** 2015 – Due to the unsafe Polmadie Bridge the Scullers Head was not held