Success at Glasgow Rowing Club ‘Summer’ Regatta

The club had a very successful, if somewhat damp, day at Glasgow Rowing Club’s “summer” regatta on Saturday.

The rain seemed to pour all day with only the occasional break of sunshine, but that didnt stop Team Clydesdale from scoring numerous wins:

Ju16 2x, WRes2 8+, Ju18 1x, ORes2 4x, Ju16 1x, WJu16 4x, Ju15 1x, Res2 1x, Masters 4+, WRes2 2x (EUBC composite) and W4x (EUBC composite).

The day ended with a 3-way club sprint across singles, pairs, doubles and quads – with Clydesdale taking the honours over Glasgow Rowing Club and Castle Semple Rowing Club.

GRC Sprint Team

The successful Clydesdale Sprint Team at GRC Regatta

The full results are available on the GRC web-page.

GRC Summer Regatta Results



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