Sports Council for Glasgow Awards

We are fortunate to have so many great people in our club and we are delighted that two of our members have been recognised with Sports Council for Glasgow Awards.

Amy Walton and Gordon Simpson

Amy Walton and Gordon Simpson

Amy Walton was nominated for the Volunteer of the Year Award:

“Amy leads by example and is always willing to provide support to the less-experienced members needing help carrying boats out to the river and setting off from the steps safely. Her position as Flag Captain and her in-depth knowledge of the club mean that she is constantly in demand from the club members for help and information. However she is able to maintain a friendly and welcoming outlook throughout, despite frequently stressful situations.  Amy maintains her sense of humour at stressful times.  She also inspires other to also go that extra mile – a great motivator.”

Amy was highly commended in the Volunteer of the Year Award.

Gordon with Hilary Atkinson, daughter of Colin Atkinson

Gordon with Hilary Atkinson, daughter of Colin Atkinson


Gordon Simpson was nominated for the Service to Sport Award:

“Rowers around the world will know Gordon for his tireless work supporting visiting nations to the 1986 Commonwealth Games, through to the 2007 World Under 23 Championships.  International teams recognise Gordon practically as host of Scottish Rowing as he arranged boats, logistics and on-site repairs for visiting teams. Rowers in Scotland will know of Gordon has the man who introduced Katherine Grainger to our sport, before her rowing career took off in Edinburgh.  His ‘can-do’ attitude remains as strong as ever whilst his renowned delegation skills become ever more effective.  Everyone has been “Gordoned” into assisting in some task such is the subtle persuasion of Gordon, he explains the value of the job in hand and has you volunteering before he has to ask. Gordon’s motivation is his love of the sport and the people in it.  That he has contributed everything over such a long time is testament to his dedication to our sport.”

Gordon was also nominated by Glasgow Schools Rowing Club:

“It is difficult to do justice to the contribution of this remarkable man.  It has been massive, sustained and given with no motive other than his deep love of his sport. We estimate he spends 30-40 hours/week working between our club and Clydesdale.  No other person has come close to his influence and contribution and we doubt whether any other club in Scotland could present his equal.  It is no exaggeration to state that without Gordon Simpson, there would be no Glasgow Schools Rowing Club as we know it.”

Gordon was presented as overall Winner of the Colin Atkinson Award for Service to Sport.


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