Rowing for Scotland

Clydesdale past and present was well represented at the Home Countries International Regatta in Nottingham at the weekend. This event is the only opportunity for rowers to represent their country outwith the Commonwealth Regatta and is both a great honour and reward for the many months of hard training and successes over the season.

Euan Malone and Giacomo Galano competed in the Junior 2x, topping off what has been an amazing year for the two young men.

Claire McKeown was the Women’s Sculler, with Claire Baillie weighing in one last time in W Lwt 2x and then doubling up in the Women’s Eight.

Jack Burns was the Men’s Sculler and doubled up in the Men’s Eight. Jack finished a strong 2nd in the single – an amazing achievement given his limited time in the sport.

Hannah Stone doubled up in the W4+ and W8+. Many congratulations to Hannah for her win in the Coxed Four, one of only two wins for the entire Scotland team.

Elsewhere in the team, former Clydesdale member Chris Rae (now Molesey) competed in M4- and M8+; Kieran Brown (now Edinburgh University) was in the M Lwt 2x (finishing 2nd) and M 4x. Sam Fowler and Karen Bennett (both Molesey) doubled up in the W4- and W4x. Many congratulations to Sam and Karen for their glorious win in the Women’s Coxless Four in the second win for the Scotland Team.

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