Boathouse Project

The Rejuvenation of the West Boathouse

Our project seeks to adapt and convert the semi-detached clubhouses into a shared and accessible Boathouse that serves the users of Glasgow Green and wider community groups in the future, as well as it has served the rowing clubs in the past.

The West Boathouse on Glasgow Green was built in 1905 and is a rare surviving timber frame structure which is now considered to be unique in Scotland.  One of the grandest of an already unusual building type, the West Boathouse is a very special place, as recognised by its designation as a Category B Listed Building.

The West Boathouse is home to two historic rowing clubs.  Founded in 1857 and 1865 respectively, Clydesdale ARC and Clyde ARC both have a strong sporting heritage and are a constant in the long association of sport on Glasgow Green – from founding members of football clubs, to future Olympians and World Champions passing through the doors and paddling up the Clyde.  The West Boathouse has been a key feature in the development of one of GB’s most successful Olympic sports.  Sharing this sporting heritage with a wider audience will be a key objective of this project.

Our existence is under threat as the West Boathouse is in a very poor state of repair and not fit for purpose, which discourages new members and use of the building.  The risk is that the unique listed building is lost and that two historic sports clubs cease to exist.  We want to save both the built heritage and the sporting heritage.

Feasibility Study

In 2015, Clydesdale ARC secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Architectural Heritage Fund to undertake a Feasibility Study into the Heritage of the West Boathouse.

A summary of the feasibility study can be downloaded here: Feasibility Study Summary April 2016.  The outcomes of the Study have directed how we hope this project will develop and we are grateful to the funders for their support.

The Feasibility Study was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and Architectural Heritage Fund.

The Feasibility Study was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and Architectural Heritage Fund.

The Project

Glasgow Building Preservation Trust will adapt and convert the semi-detached building into a shared and accessible boathouse, providing a range of activities supporting full public access to the listed building, its sporting heritage and the River Clyde.

The project will include volunteering roles, skills development opportunities and a variety of activities to encourage and support public engagement with the sporting, built and river heritage of the site.  Volunteers will be empowered and given the skills needed to take responsibility for the building maintenance over the long term and will receive training to support their engagement with new audiences.

Previously inaccessible areas will be opened up, inadequate facilities will be upgraded, and the fascinating heritage of two rowing clubs with a history stretching back to the mid-19th century will be widely shared.

With total project costs of approx. £2.4m, we need your help to realise this project.

How You Can Help

Clydesdale ARC has committed to raising £150k which will go towards the assignation of a long term lease to the clubs on completion of the capital works.

Just like in 1906, we are doing what we can to help ourselves. To date, our club members have raised over £100k  and are working to secure our future on Glasgow Green.

We are seeking donations to help us reach our target.  To date, 61 individuals have contributed £500 or more.  These donors have been recognised as FOUNDATION FELLOWS and their names will be recorded in a Roll of Honour in the completed building.  Where eligible, Gift Aid claimed will contribute to the fundraising target.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Clydesdale appeal, please contact or

Development Context

Clydesdale ARC has been working with the other clubs on Glasgow Green since 1998 to secure the future of rowing in Glasgow, with the Glasgow Boathouse and Rowing Trust (Boathouse Trust) and latterly through the Glasgow Green Community Boathouse Ltd (GGCB).  A summary of this context can be found here: Development Context.

The re-direction to focus on the West Boathouse has been welcomed by the membership and this is evidenced by the level of their engagement and enthusiasm in the Feasibility Study.