The Clydesdale Boathouse is fully equipped with a weights gym, suite of ergometers (rowing machines), male and female changing rooms (with showers and private changing), tea room (complete with tables and chairs), and boat storage which is home to the Clydesdale Fleet.

The naming convention for boats in the fleet are as follows: Eights are named after Scottish mountains, Fours/Quads are named after Scottish Islands, Doubles/Pairs are named after Scottish Glens, Singles are named after Scottish rivers, and the Safety Launch after a Scottish Loch.

Clydesdale Fleet

Eights: Ben Y Vrackie, Cruachan



Coxed Fours/Quads: Shapinsay, Raasay, Ronaldsay



Coxless Fours/Quads: Colonsay, Stronsay, Islay

sternfourbow     sternquadbow

coxlessfour quad

Doubles/Pairs: Glen Clova, Glen Finnan, Glen Fyne, Glen Garry, Glen Lochay, Glen Orchy, Gordon Day, O’Pair,  and training double/pair Glen Trool

sterndoublebow     sternpairbow

double pair

Singles: Bervie, Deveron, Gogo, Keltie, Loanan, Morar, Second Wind, Talisker, Tummel and training boats Cree and Luce



Safety launch: Katrine

Northeaster Dory: Dratsie

Animated gifs courtesy of Ewoud Dronkert