Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Rowing is for Everyone

At Clydesdale ARC, we believe in the power of rowing, sport, physical activity, and being part of a community to bring about positive changes in people and in society.  We are building strong community links with partners to create a network of people invested in positive social change.

We offer opportunities to young people with those young people at the centre of the activity.  We look to address the needs of those young people; their ambitions and any barriers that they may have to engaging in physical activities.  We work with our partners and those young people to support their development as an individual and in supporting each other as a group.  We put a greater emphasis on engaging young people, rather than on their rowing ability.

We aim to be more inclusive by reducing barriers for people to participate in rowing.  We are actively seeking to engage with people who might not traditionally think of rowing as an activity for them.  We want to build lifelong relationships with these people.  We are wanting to share all the physical and health benefits of being involved in physical activity and in being part of the wonderful volunteering community at Clydesdale ARC.

If you would like to share an idea of a project or simply to have a chat, drop us an email: