The Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club committee comprises voluntary members who help keep things running smoothly on a day to day basis and facilitate the development of our members and the club.

We are always keen to promote interest in the club management and if any members are willing to become involved then please feel free to approach any committee member.

Office Duties
Michael Foran
Occupies the chair at all meetings of members and committee. The President may not hold office for more than three consecutive years and is not eligible for re-election for the next year.
Vice President
(position vacant)
Deputises in the absence of the President.
Claire Munro
Keeps the minutes of proceedings at all meetings, undertake correspondence for the club, draw up the annual report and carry out all other duties usual to the secretaryship.
Assistant Secretary
Lorraine Jones
Deputises in the absence of the Secretary.
Fraser Malone
Records all financial transactions of the club, receives all subscriptions and other monies due to the club, pays monies due by the club as instructed by the committee and produces at any time desired by the committee a financial statement.
Zoe Wilson
Has full charge of all boats and adjudge the order in which boats have to be taken out.
Flag Captain
Emily Clough 
Deputises in the absence of the Captain.
Twan vanDuivenbooden
Attends to all repairs necessary to boats, judges as to whether a boat is in a fit condition to row and also reports boats out of order to the committee.

Audits the annual accounts.
Fraser MacIntyreChris Walton

Stella Hawthorne


Attends monthly committee meetings.
Representatives to Scottish Rowing
Represents club at SR meetings and reports back to committee.
 Honorary President: Duncan Paterson

Non-official Posts Webmaster – Stephen Walker
Press Officer – Vacant
Leader of Social Committee – Michael Colgan
Child Protection Officer – Rebecca Toal