About Us

Our Mission

Clydesdale ARC is a rowing club for everyone, with a strong focus on equality, diversity and inclusion. Our mission is to make all the fun of rowing as accessible and inclusive as possible, and to build the river community.

We aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment in which rowing can be enjoyed to the fullest, regardless of ability. We run introductory programmes from novice to senior training squads, covering a range of options including more casual participation through to opportunities to train with professional coaches to the highest level.

The club adopts a person-centred approach, which aims to help break down structural barriers to participation and to open up access to all of the physical and mental health benefits of rowing, competitively and non-competitively. No one should feel like rowing is not ‘for’ them.

We think of ourselves as both for and of the local and river communities, building links and partnerships within those communities in order to build up a network of people invested in positive social change, contribute positively towards society, and to provide opportunities for individuals to empower themselves.

Community Engagement

We aim to be a facilitator of experiences which empower participants through a journey of discovery, as well as to develop programmes which create solutions for local needs. We work with local stakeholders and we’re always looking to broaden networks and partnership opportunities that create pathways for participation.

At the heart of the project is inclusive youth work with a focus on enabling young people to achieve the following goals:

  • Building their self-esteem and self-confidence;

  • Developing their abilities in relationship management;

  • Creating learning opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge;

  • Encouraging a positive group atmosphere;

  • Building their capacity to consider risk, make reasonable decisions and when possible take control;

  • Developing a ‘world view’ which widens horizons and invites social commitments.

Our rowing programmes are often a mixture of indoor rowing and water activity and include goal setting, group discussions, and sharing reflections.

We use individual, partner work and group work to develop and work towards the skills laid out above and we find opportunities to celebrate all the achievements of young people participating, whether they be small or large.

For more information on collaborating with us, please contact our community coaches Miki and Jack at cldcoach@clydesdalearc.org.uk

Youth Work

We offer opportunities to young people, which place with them at the centre of the activity. We look to address their individual needs, support them to achieve their ambitions, and to overcome any barriers that they may face in engaging in physical activities.

 We work with our partners and young people themselves to support their development on an individual level, as well as and in supporting each other as a group.  In this work, we put a greater emphasis on engaging young people than on their rowing ability.

We always welcome anyone interested in rowing, regardless of your level of ability or any past experience with the sport. We also offer a range of membership options for those with differing levels of interest, as well as support for those with different financial means.



At present, the boathouse is being fitted to increase accessibility to the premises, as well as boats, in a number of ways. Following next year’s rejuvenation work, The West Boathouse will be accessible by elevator to the upper floor, equipped with provisions for private gender-neutral changing, and has shared communal space.

You can find more information on the West Boathouse project here.