About Us

Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club was formed in 1857 and is one of the oldest clubs in Scotland. Clydesdale ARC is situated on the River Clyde and is one of many clubs in the area that provides rowing in Glasgow. The boathouse is sited very close to the city centre in the west side of Glasgow Green near Trongate, just off Greendyke Street.

The weekend is the busiest time for boating on the Clyde with members down from 8am onwards both Saturday and Sunday. Our athletes can train almost every day of the week, both on and off the water. The club runs a range of land-based fitness programmes related to your rowing – you can participate as much or as little as is right for you.

Clydesdale club members range from juniors to students, professionals and the retired folk of Glasgow and beyond. We have a good number of men and women crews that row at novice and senior levels. Our boats range from the single scull, to pairs, doubles, fours, quads, and eights. Not all of our members are oarspeople, as we also require coxes to steer our crews safely along the river Clyde together with a little vocal encouragement.

We would encourage anyone interested in rowing to come down and have a chat with us or contact us.

Our Values


We believe in unity, fairness and in supporting each other. We thrive as a rowing community when all of our members help to encourage and participate in the development of the community and support each other to each achieve our best on and off the water.

Person-Centred Openness

The West Boathouse is an open, safe place for all. We support each individual member, by working with you to find the approach that best suits you, to help you achieve your goals.

Fun and Diversity

We are committed to providing an environment that is fun and enjoyable for all, as well as one which encourages and celebrates diversity; encouraging fun in the sport and diversity among our members is central to our success as a club.

Creating a Welcoming Environment

We are fully committed to delivering an accessible and friendly environment. Each club member shares responsibility for making the boathouse an open and inclusive environment to existing and new members, as well as the wider community.

Support and Respectfulness

We encourage our members to support and respect each other and the wider environment by each doing our part to ensure that club resources are equally and fairly available and accessible to all, as well as by taking personal responsibility for helping each and every one of our members achieve their aspirations.


As a club, we work to ensure that support is available for all members to achieve their maximum potential regardless of their chosen activities, whether those be in coaching, volunteering, rowing or supporting the boathouse in other ways.

Success Beyond Medals

We are proud of our achievements, both on and off the water; Clydesdale is defined by its members and our success is shaped by the achievements of our volunteers, officials, friends and members. We are privileged to be part of bustling local and river communities and to be actively engaging in outreach with those communities.

Clydesdale ARC at Glasgow Pride, 2017

Clydesdale ARC at Glasgow Pride, 2017